Motorcycle Ride to Amish Country Ohio
By Heather Rader

Motorcycle Ride to Amish Country Ohio

Ohio motorcycle enthusiasts are fortunate to live in a state with such diverse terrain, making for wonderful motorcycle riding. From rolling hills, flat plains, the twists and turns of the Appalachian foothills, back country roads, and scenic highways all invite the two-wheeled motor enthusiasts to hit the pavement. Whether a day or weekend trip, Ohio’s roadways are quite inviting for motorcycle lovers.

Most motorcyclists would say it’s not about the destination, but about the ride. Well, I think it is about both! What better way to spend a day than on a motorcycle touring Ohio’s scenic routes and leading you to a welcoming destination! With many Ohio motorcycle trips under our belt, my husband and I spent the day on our Harley Davidson Road King exploring the backroads from Columbus to Sugarcreek in Amish Country. From Columbus, we took US Route 62 northeast towards Sugarcreek, passing through quaint towns, rolling hills, and taking in the beauty of Ohio’s scenic roadways. After the town of Berlin, take Ohio State Route 39 towards Sugarcreek, and the Village of Sugarcreek is settled at the intersections of Ohio State Routes 39 and 93.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscarawas County, the Village of Sugarcreek was founded by German and Swiss settlers in the mid 1800’s and first was known as East Shanesville. With its location near the Sugar Creek, East Shanesville eventually changed its name to Sugar Creek. Officially, the Village of East Shanesville merged with the Village of Sugarcreek in 1969. Keeping the traditions of the village’s Swiss heritage, the Village of Sugarcreek is now known as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio.” Visitors can find Swiss roots in Sugarcreek’s building facades, restaurants, Swiss heritage shops, Swiss cheese factories, the Alpine Hills Museum, and the town’s centerpiece known as the world’s largest cuckoo clock!  

The Alpine Hills Museum (free admission) contains three floors of historical artifacts which are local to Sugarcreek and depict the Swiss and Amish heritage of the area from the late 1800’s to recent years. The Sugarcreek Visitor Center is also located in the lobby of the museum, which is a great resource for visitors.


The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1977. The 24-foot tall cuckoo clock is the highlight of the village, making a colorful and fun centerpiece for “Little Switzerland.” The clock operates every half hour from 9am-9pm (weather permitting), with seven, 3-foot tall Swiss characters dancing and playing Swiss Polka music.

The Village of Sugarcreek has many attractions besides the Alpine Museum and the cuckoo clock; two large welcome signs with Swiss flair, a brick wall sculpture depicting the area’s history, six hand-painted Swiss murals throughout the village, free horse-drawn trolley tours, and the numerous Swiss cheese factories and shops. Attractions near Sugarcreek include many Swiss and Amish restaurants, Breitenbach Wine Cellars, Swiss Heritage Winery, charming Bed & Breakfasts, and the nearby Amish community.


After a long ride on the motorcycle, it is always nice to walk around a quaint village like Sugarcreek! The village is compact, and is the perfect place to take a break from riding! A motorcycle trip to the Village of Sugarcreek will allow you to experience Swiss heritage at the “Little Switzerland of Ohio” and to enjoy Ohio’s beautiful scenic routes from the freedom of two wheels!


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