New Indoor Entertainment Center Opens in Cincinnati
By Terri Weeks

New Indoor Entertainment Center Opens in Cincinnati

Did you know that Ohio is home to the country’s largest indoor entertainment centers? The original location is in Dayton and a second center recently opened in the Cincinnati suburb of Milford. Both centers feature arcade games and attractions like laser tag, inflatables, and go carts.

I was very curious about the newest location since it’s only a 10-minute drive from my house. When Chief Entertainment Officer Jonah Sandler invited me to attend a hard hat media tour during the construction, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a sneak preview. He showed us all the attractions that were planned and being built.

After it opened, Jonah invited me back. When you arrive at Scene75 for the first time, stop at the Welcome Desk to get a card and load it with a dollar amount of your choice. A sign with the cost of each attraction helps you plan. If you load $50, you’ll receive an extra $5. With $75, you’ll receive $10 extra.

The card is also used to track points from arcade games that you collect to earn prizes. You don’t have to carry around any of those annoying tickets.

We decided to walk around first and check everything out before deciding which attractions to try.  You most likely won’t be able to do everything in one visit.

After exploring, we decided on Blacklight Miniature Golf. There are two different courses: one with an underwater theme and another that is dubbed “The Immortal Jungle.” We chose the latter. The 3-D glasses make the artist-drawn pictures jump off the wall. We thought it was great fun.

After a brief debate, we selected go-karts over laser tag for our second attraction. My husband and kids rode the go-karts while I took pictures. The electric go-karts are very quiet.

The kids loved the go-karts and can’t wait to go back to ride them again. Drivers must be 54” tall in order to drive alone. Scene75 also has a few double karts. Kids who are 36” tall can drive if they have a licensed driver over 18 riding with them. Smaller kids can also ride along as a passenger.

After that, we only had a few dollars left to spend on our card and everyone had been eyeing the arcade games. The games range in price from 25 cents to $2. Each machine has a sign that says how much money will be deducted from your card when you swipe it. We played several games: a Ms. Pacman-themed air-hockey game, a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” quiz game, and a few others.

Scene75 has many different kinds of arcade games: driving games, claw games, skee ball, and more.

Scene75 offers many more attractions that we didn’t have a chance to try. You can find a list of all the attractions and their prices here. We look forward to going back soon.


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