Ohio, the Heart of The Fall
By Jesse Ghiorzi

Ohio, the Heart of The Fall

Ohio, the Heart of   The Fall

 It’s well known that Ohio crushes fall. This isn’t debatable. Ohio has some of the best foliage in the country, great temperatures as the season changes and copious activities to get your mind off of summer and into autumn. Of course there’s no way to quantify how good we are at autumn versus everywhere else, so you’ll just have join me on this trustfall (pun 100% intended) as we explore the perfect autumn weekend in the O-H.

Take a Hike

Sure, you can see awesome foliage on your drive to work or by looking out the window, but get close to it. I recently took my girlfriend and our dogs on a hike at Highbanks Metro Park in Lewis Center. We traipsed the Coyote Run Trail since it was a few miles long and welcomed pets. The trail was an easy hike with not much elevation change and a well-beaten path to follow. There are eight national parks, 74 state parks and countless county/metro parks in our state. Find one close to you, pick a trail and walk it. For me, the more remote, the better.


We wanted to go deeper into the woods, but this sign stopped us!

Fall = Football

Hockey is winter’s favorite sport and baseball is summer’s. Fall is unequivocally linked with football. The weather is great for hanging outside for a few hours, especially if you tailgate before the game. Have a couple brews, fire up the grill and make sure you throw the ball around. I’ve already been to one college football game and am headed to Miami University – my alma mater – for another in October. If you’re up for it, go to a big high school game Friday night, a college game on Saturday afternoon and a Bengals or Browns game on Sunday. FOOTBALLFEST!


 Hit the Pumpkin Patch

If football is season’s favorite sport, then a pumpkin is its favorite fruit (not a veggie, look it up!).  You can roast the seeds, make a pie, carve it – or be an American and do all three. Head to a pumpkin patch, pick a winner and cut it off the vine yourself. It’s not hard to find a farm with a field full of pumpkins near you. We went to the Garden Gate Farm Market in Lexington where it was 30 cents per pound for your big orange accessory. Try something new when you carve it – I put a Miami ‘block M’ in mine last year. It’s not that hard and cooler than a jagged smile and triangle eyes.


Drink it in

Continuing with the pumpkin theme, there are plenty of tasty, seasonal drinks you can have to wash down an adventurous weekend. Between pumpkin and Oktoberfest brews, hot toddies, ciders and a plethora of fall-flavored coffees and cappuccinos, you can have your pick. I just had the UFO Pumpkin Ale from Harpoon Brewery and it was delightful – pumpkiny, but not like I just scooped out a gourd’s guts and drank a glass of them. Beer not your favorite? Check out this link or that one and get inspired.

Have fun crushing the fall. Invite your friends to Ohio so they can do the same.


About the Author

Jesse Ghiorzi is a New York native that has been living in Ohio for most of the last decade. He moved to Columbus in 2008 after graduating from Miami University in 2006. Ghiorzi works as the Marketing & Communications Manager for Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and The Mid-Ohio School. Last year, between work and fun, he spent 27 weekends away from home, plenty of them across Ohio. He blogs occasionally at jesseghiorzi.com and tweets more often at @jesseghiorzi.