Ohio Travel Prep Guide
By Paola Santiago

Ohio Travel Prep Guide

Traveling as Ohioans do. 

If you’ve got a sense of adventure and some well worn walking shoes, you’ve already got a headstart on what it means to travel in Ohio. There’s a lot to do here and like most trips, time is too short and there’s none of it to waste. Below we’ve gathered some of our best ideas to make your next Ohio adventure as authentic as can be, and what you can pack to be prepared. Whether you’re sipping wine at one of our 200 wineries, munching on a buckeye (the candy not the nut, very important difference) or kayaking through our national park, there’s always an Ohio way to explore! 

The Wayward Workbook and Ohio Calendar of Events 

Wayward Workbook


Ohio Travel Guide: Your most important tool. This print and digital guide brushes every region of Ohio and highlights all of our favorite things to do, places to stay, and what to eat and drink! Quintessentially Ohio-centric, it’s only got the best of the best in this heart-shaped lovable state, prepping you not just for your most exciting memories at big places like Cedar Point and Hocking Hills, but also your smallest meaningful moments with family and friends. 

Ohio Calendar of Events: We get it, we love to plan down to the smallest detail too. Shout out to all the bullet notebook enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Published seasonally, the calendar of events details native-ohio festivals and celebrations across the state.

Wayward Workbook: First things first; know what you want to see. We have beaches, forests, hills, big cities and picturesque small towns. Writing down your itenary, your packing list, and your must-see places is a breeze with Cincinnati-made Wayward Workbook, a small travel journal where you can write down your big dreams, and even your small ones too. 

Ohio Prohibition Era Flask // Ohio is Home

Pack your Ohio essentials. 


Buckeyes: If you come to Ohio and you don’t eat a buckeye, did you really come to Ohio? We love Ohio-born Esther-Price, Anthony Thomas, Marcia’s and a dozen others! Just don’t eat the actual wild nuts — spare your stomach and your teeth the trouble. 

Chili: Skyline Chili is unamnomously known and loved because it’s heckin’ delicious. There are SO many good recipes out there because we make the best chili in the country! Yeah we said it. Looking at you, Texas. Try Blue Ash Chili where they not only have it one way, but six different ways too. Visit Tony Packos in Toledo where they put it on hot dogs that are deliciously Instagrammable. 

Hydration: There are so many trails in Ohio and you’d be remiss without a waterbottle. Stay hydrated folks, and look out for hand-designed, earth-friendly bottles like ones from Homage or Ohio Is Home. They have a ton of designs that will leave you nostalgic for another adventure. 

Libations: Ohio is killing it in the libation category. We’ve got over 200 wineries, over 250 craft breweries, and handful of local distelleries. Some of our favorite beers include Rhinegheist in Cincinnati, Jackie O’s in Athens, and Fathead in Cleveland. For wine, try Camelot Cellars in Columbus, Gervasi Vineyard in Akron, and Hanover Winery in Hamilton. For liquor, Watershed Distellery and Middlewest Spirits reign supreme. 

Ohio. Find It Here. T-shirt 

A look inside the Wayward Workbook


Stay Fresh: Ohio has a lot of soap makers, and so many of them make products that are safe for your skin and for the planet. If you’re hiking and camping, grabbing one of our local bars of soap like Homestead and Glenn Avenue is the way to go. Make sure you get some bug spray too to keep your kids and outdoor pups safe from bites.  

Souvenirs: You traveled all this way, you have to get a commemorative t-shirt. Soon to be available at Experience Columbus, and the Columbus Convention Center, we love our Ohio. Find It Here. shirts to remember our travels. Also check out the Cleveland Clothing Co. and Where I’m From

For more travel inspiration, Find It Here at Ohio.org. 


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