Ohio Zoo Babies
By Anietra Hamper

When Danielle Harper and her husband Dustin, of Canton Ohio, took their four girls to the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium for the first time this spring, checking out the zoo babies was high on their must-see list.

“I love seeing my daughter’s faces light up with excitement when the animals do something silly or come close to the glass,” said Danielle Harper.

Harper, who writes blog posts for Happenings of the Harper Household, enjoyed the family bonding that she got to share when her girls (ages 1 through 8) watched the African Penguins make an appearance.

“My girls thought it was so awesome to see the baby penguins. There were two babies in the exhibit that were each four months old. I was amazed at how close we could get to the penguins and there was also a viewing area to watch them swim,” said Harper.

The penguins are just the beginning of the nursery roster for the Toledo Zoo. In fact, every zoo in Ohio has baby bragging rights in 2016. 

Toledo Zoo

In addition to the two African Penguin chicks, the Toledo Zoo had births of three ring-tailed lemurs, a mongoose lemur and a female Francois’ langur.

One of the zoo’s newest arrivals is a polar bear cub that will soon be on display. The cub, born on December 3, 2015, is the seventh cub born at the zoo since 2006.

Another popular baby is Wakil, an orangutan, born in July of 2015. Wakil is the eighth offspring for mom Yaz, that hits high on the cuteness scale.

These arrivals join the impressive lineup of youngsters at the zoo including Lucas, the African elephant calf that turns 5 years old in June of 2016.

Columbus Zoo  

Families at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are already enjoying Nora, the polar bear cub born on November 6, 2015 in the zoo’s Polar Frontier region. The adorable cub reached the 50-pound mark in just five months. 

Also arriving this spring are three Humboldt penguin chicks that hatched in the month of March, 2016 and are already the talk of the penguin facility. The chicks weigh between 500 to 1100 grams and can already swallow fish from their parents.

Keep your eyes peeled for the three Amur tiger cubs who are being monitored by a remote camera as their mom, Irisa, cares for them. These cubs now make seven Amur tigers at the Columbus Zoo.

Cleveland Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has several babies on display, but you will have to look close to find them. A baby pygmy slow lorises, born in 2015, is on display in the Primate, Cat & Aquatics building, and a baby porcupine, also born in 2015, continues to rank high in cuteness for visitors.

Cincinnati Zoo

Zoo Babies are a big deal at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden as they hold spring events to commemorate the births and display six-foot-tall pink and blue storks at exhibits throughout the zoo to mark the new arrivals.

Three cheetah cubs that were born prematurely on March 8, 2016 are still critical, but gaining strength everyday. They were recently introduced to an older cheetah cub. Check out the adorable introduction of the cubs along with nursery dog Blakley.

“There’s something irresistible about baby animals, and those adorable faces help us fulfill our mission to inspire people with wildlife,” said Thane Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo Executive Director.

Other babies to keep an eye out for include gorillas Elle and Mona, Bo the bonobo, Otto the potto, 275-pound takin calf Dale, alligator newts, walking sticks, giant spiny leaf insects, and emperor scorpions. And, due anytime is an arrival at the camel exhibit at Giraffe Ridge.

Akron Zoo

For the first time ever, the Akron Zoo celebrates the birth of three snow leopard cubs. Born March 5, 2016, the two males and one female are tipping the scales at a healthy seven pounds and starting to run and climb indoors according to David Barnhardt, Director of Marketing for the Akron Zoo.

Keep your eyes out in the next few weeks for the Chilean flamingo chick. She hatched in the summer of 2015, but the chick is only now tall enough to join her outdoor family. 

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