Rocky Point Winery Part of Marblehead’s Heritage
By Damaine Vonada

Rocky Point Winery Part of Marblehead’s Heritage

Part V of “Wine Down Wednesday” series highlighting Ohio wineries.

Maybe it’s the inimitable ambiance of a century-old schoolhouse transformed into a cute and casual boutique winery.  Maybe it’s the locavore nod to wines made from grapes grown on Ohio’s North Bass Island.  Maybe it’s the friendly-looking red flowers that blanket the winery’s gardens.  Maybe it’s simply sitting outside on a summer day, sipping wine in the shade of tree, and savoring the breeze coming off Lake Erie.   

Whether it’s any or all of these reasons, I think the Rocky Point Winery is a perfectly delightful destination.  Located in the heart of scenic Marblehead village, the winery sits at the tip of Marblehead Peninsula and is just around the bend from the Marblehead Lighthouse, a venerable Ohio landmark that has guarded Lake Erie’s rugged limestone shore since 1821. 

That craggy coastline, in fact, inspired the winery’s name.  “Rocky Point,” explains co-owner Kim Redfern, “was Marblehead’s original name.” 


After Kim and husband Chris Redfern purchased Marblehead’s Erstwhile Elementary School in 2014, they did an A+ job of preserving the character of the two-story structure, which was constructed from locally quarried limestone in 1893.  Visitors enter the building through doors that remain beautifully outlined by sturdy cut stones, and they can even climb spiral stairs to access to the old bell tower and its panoramic views of Lake Erie.  


While the Redferns utilize the building’s first floor for their winery, the couple also refurbished the second floor into four upscale guest rooms that they call – in a playful twist of their surname! – the Red Fern Inn. 

 Like the winery, the inn is open year-round, and its rooms are all outfitted with fireplaces and complete kitchens. 


Although the winery carries 50 different wines, ordering the Rocky Point Flight is the best way to sample the very nice house-made wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Concord and Pink Catawba.  Grapey-tasting Concord is the winery’s best-seller, and says Kim, “Pink Catawba is a famous Lake Erie wine.”     

The Rocky Point Winery and The Red Fern Inn at Rocky Point Winery

111 West Main Street

Marblehead Ohio 43440


For more information, telephone 419-967-5344 or visit and

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