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Ohio River Paddlefest in Cincinnati

Summer in Ohio Is Open Season on Travel and Fun Regardless of Your Interests

Parks, natural areas and preserves offer miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, boating, paddling, fishing and more.

Urban areas bloom with botanical gardens, downtown kayak runs, climbing walls and walking tours to enjoy architecture and public art. Restaurant, bistro and coffee shop patios become open-air entertainment venues where friends and families can enjoy creative, fresh and locally sourced foods and drinks.

Ohio zoos are known for their conservation efforts and breeding programs which means new babies to watch as they play and grow. Just as many of the zoo animals enjoy a refreshing dip in the water when it gets warm, Ohio has plenty of outdoor waterparks that will thrill kids just as much as the polar bears.

For a serious cool off, head to one of our amazing theme parks for a ride that will give you a new hairstyle and perhaps show off your coaster face.

If you have smaller members of your family, don’t worry. Both Cedar Point and Kings Island have stellar children’s areas with pint-sized rides, coasters and Snoopy characters. If coasters aren’t your thing, perhaps ziplining through the forest canopy will have a similar adrenaline-packed, cooling effect on you. There is a kids’ version for that too!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy Lake Erie’s Islands where the primary modes of transportation are golf carts and bicycles. Leave some time for a perch or walleye sandwich, parasailing, kayaking around the islands or perhaps some diving of the many underwater shipwrecks found close to shore.

To slow things down and relax to the clip-clop of horse and buggies, head to one of Ohio’s Amish areas. Whether you sample the goods from cheese houses, attend an Amish auction or shop for gorgeous quilts or hardwood furniture, embracing the simple life for even a day or two has a calming, introspective effect on most people. We are telling you now — save room for dessert!