This Bookshop is a Book Lovers’ Dream!
By Brittani Rable

This Bookshop is a Book Lovers’ Dream!

You’ve never truly been to a bookshop until you've been here.

Bibliophiles everywhere know the unparalleled feeling of walking into a bookstore; of being surrounded by the comforting smell of book pages and soothing routine of walking the aisles. Maybe your favorite genre is science fiction, and the one or two aisles filled with robots, aliens, and genetically modified creatures seems like heaven to you. But imagine if that were a whole room of nothing but science fiction. If that’s not your favorite genre, what if I told you there were rooms dedicated to the rest of them, too? Well, it’s not something out of a daydream or an Edgar Allan Poe tale. In fact, it’s an unassuming place in Columbus’s German Village called The Book Loft.

Featuring 32 (yes, you read that correctly) rooms dedicated to all sorts of books, The Book Loft is the place to go if you’re a bookworm looking for the ultimate book-buying thrill. Located on German Village’s main drag, Third Street, The Book Loft first appears as your standard small, local bookshop.  That is, until you round the corner and discover that there’s much more than you bargained for. You’ll set foot on a cobblestone path past bay windows filled to the frame with books, only to be met with tables stacked with clearance reads and featured titles.


Upon entering the building, you might feel as if you’ve entered a shop straight out of Harry Potter, with its boarded staircase, rows and rows of books, and view up to the third floor. You may even be able to find a few works on magic somewhere in the maze of shelves. Perhaps you’ll take a walk through the humor shelves, to the travel section, and then through the history volumes. Or maybe you’ll opt to take a turn at the travel section and head downstairs for philosophy and religion. Maybe you’ll decide to take a hike upstairs to the general fiction, thrillers, and classics.

Whichever path you choose to start out on, you’ll almost certainly find what you’re looking for, or more accurately, what you didn’t know you were looking for. If there’s one place to get lost, this is the place to do it. From the crime cubby with flickering lights, to the general fiction flooded with Celtic-sounding music, through narrow passages and snaking rooms, you’ll pass every genre imaginable and then some. While the books are certainly the star of this show, you can also grab a bookmark on your way to Jane Austen or a tote on your way to Tina Fey.

You can also save a buck or two by looking for books featuring the orange discount sticker. While it’s only a 5% discount, keep in mind that you’ll be supporting a local business in the process. There’s something for everyone at The Book Loft and whether you’re a young reader or a seasoned one, you’ll find something exciting. Even those who live in the area never get tired of exploring The Book Loft’s many options, so if you’re looking for a gift for the booklover in your life or something for yourself, this local bookstore in Columbus, Ohio is the place to go.


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