Three Unconventional Valentine’s Day Dates
By Brittani Rable

Three Unconventional Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day comes around every year without fail, but sometimes it seems as if it’s a broken record, playing the same old pink and red, chocolate-covered love song. If you find yourself wondering why going to dinner or seeing a movie with your significant other is any different on February 14th than any other day, here are some alternative options to consider.

Haunted Prison Escape Room

What’s a better way to bond or truly get to know someone than escaping a locked prison cell together? It just so happens that you’re in luck because Lockdown Columbus has just the thing. For the price of two movie tickets and snacks or dinner for two, you can sign up to escape a “haunted” prison cell. The backstory is that you and your friends (or significant other) are exploring a prison in a ghost town when, gasp, the door shuts on you, accompanied by a sinister sounding laugh. Do you have what it takes to escape together?

Crime Scene Investigator

Escaping a haunted prison too intense for you? Then maybe playing detective is more your cup of tea. See how well you work as a team by putting your heads together and solving a crime in 60 minutes. The backstory here is that a famous journalist has been mysteriously murdered. You are the elite crime investigation team called in to solve the puzzle. This is your chance to give Sherlock and Watson a run for their money and make Agatha Christie proud.

Mindbender Mansion and Amazing Mazes

Perhaps you want something much more lighthearted than escaping a haunted cell or solving a mysterious murder. In that case, you can head over to COSI for over 100 brain-teasing puzzles and interactive mazes where you can embrace your inner child-like sense of curiosity and test your puzzle-solving skills. While this option is more child-friendly, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s off-limits for adults. You can still work together as a super-solving team and have some good, old-fashioned fun without the intensity of a thriller movie-inspired situation.

Whichever you prefer, sticking to the tried-and-true dinner date or stepping outside of the norm with escape rooms and murder mysteries, there’s plenty of ways to bond this Valentine’s Day in Ohio.

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