Take the 7-story plunge at Kings Island
By Terri Weeks

Take the 7-story plunge at Kings Island

I get to do some pretty cool things as a travel writer. But every once in a while, I find myself wondering what in the world I’ve gotten myself into. That was exactly the situation I found myself in last week when my teenage daughters and I went to Kings Island’s Soak City Water Park to experience the new Tropical Plunge water slides.

The Tropical Plunge complex has three tube slides and three body slides that twist their way around each other in a jumble of tropical colors.

We decided to tackle the body slides first. As we neared the top of the nearly seven-story tall platform, we saw just how steep the slides were at the top. Yikes!

We watched the reaction of other riders as they nervously entered the Aqua-Launch chambers and then quickly disappeared right in front of our eyes. One rider was having difficulty mustering up the courage she needed. Everyone around us started chanting “Do it! Do it!” to encourage her. She decided to go for it and we all cheered.

Before long, it was our turn. Each of us stepped into a different chamber and stood on the translucent floor. As instructed, we leaned back in the chamber, crossed our ankles and then our arms across our chest. The lifeguard pushed a button to close the clear door in front of us.

The lifeguard then pushed another button to start the launch sequence. I heard “Three, Two, One” and then the floor dropped out from under me. I felt panicked for just a moment until I felt the slide supporting me.

After that, I just enjoyed the ride, going through twists and turns. I was the first of the three of us to emerge at the bottom of the slide. My daughters slid in a moment later with huge grins on their faces. What a ride!

After that, we decided to try the tube slides and could ride either a single or a double tube. At the top, we had to choose between three slides. I tried the blue slide first because it had a more gentle final hill. I was surprised by a cool segment that had rainbow lights. After that I was ready for the turquoise slide with a big hill at the end. The purple slide had lots of twists and turns and varied between smaller and larger diameter flumes.

With the addition of Tropical Plunge, Soak City Waterpark now features a total of 36 slides; two wave pools; two coves; a lagoon and an action river, plus children’s play areas among its more than 50 water activities. What a fun way to beat the heat this summer!

Disclosure: Kings Island provided complimentary admission for my daughters and me so that we could research this article. I paid for parking, locker rental, and other incidentals out of my own pocket.

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