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Squires Castle Willoughby Hills Ohio during the fall

Only in Ohio: 12 Castles to Check Out

Regale yourself with the beauty of these Ohio castles!

Squires Castle in Willoughby Hills

Only in Ohio: 12 Castles to Check Out

By Brittani Rable

Posted On: Sep 20, 2022

You don't have to go to Europe to see some great castles. In fact, there are some amazing castles located right here in Ohio. All across the state, these landmarks range from being truly historical, century-old structures, to more modern, historically-inspired buildings. Here are a few you should check out:

The Castle in Marietta

Original owner and builder, Colonel Melvin C. Clarke, was a prominent abolitionist and local attorney. He originally built the castle as home for his family in 1855 complete with a tower, spires, and other Gothic Revival elements. It was later given to the Betsey Mills Corporation to be used for educational purposes. Marietta's castle is a contributing structure in the Marietta Historical District on the National Register of Historic Places.

In the fall, you explore the site's haunted happenings with Ghost Tours and Cemetery Tours at nearby Mound Cemetery - established in 1801 to preserve the Great Mound (an Adena burial mound). The cemetery is also known for having more American Revolutionary War officers buried there any other cemetery in the US. 

Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville Ohio at dusk

Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville

Located near Mohican State Park, Landoll's Mohican Castle is a truly magnificent hotel designed to look like an Old World castle. The building opened in 2002 and has 11 unique suites, with additional suites in nearby cottages. Celebrating their 20th year in business, it's the perfect place for a peaceful fall getaway. 

That chill you feel might be the breeze at this Northeast Ohio spot. Spectral visitors are also known to frequent Landoll's, and you can learn more about them on a Ghost Walk and Haunted History Tour. On these tours, you'll learn all about Heyd Cemetery - a 230 year old graveyard on the property. Or maybe you'd like to experience ghostly encounters by staying in Haunted Cottage 13!

Historic Loveland Castle & Museum 

Château Laroche or the Loveland Castle is located on the Little Miami River near Loveland. Its construction began in 1929 by Harry D. Andrews, a Boy Scout troop leader, a medievalist and World War I veteran. Designed to resemble historical European castles, Andrews worked on the castle for more than 50 years, even bringing in stones from the Little Miami River.

While you're visiting, check out the photos of ghosts and the ghost stories that are connected to the Castle. And keep an eye out for Andrews, who's reported to haunt the grounds.  

Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth Ohio at night

Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth

Located near Hocking Hills, Ravenwood Castle is a modern structure designed to resemble 12th and 13th century castles on the border between England and Wales. Ravenwood was completed in 1995 and designed as a medieval-themed hotel.

For even more fun, you can join the Ravenwood Detective Agency. Follow the clues and piece together a classic who-dunnit while acting in your very own Knives Out style murder mystery

Glamorgan Castle in Alliance

A European immigrant from Wales, William Henry Morgan was of course inspired to build his castle in 1904 after the authentic designs of European castles he was familiar with. Sitting on 50 acres, the castle is an impressive structure that still features the original billiard room, bowling alley, and indoor swimming pool! 

aerial view Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron Ohio during the fall

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens in Akron

Stan Hywet Hall is the name of the former estate of F.A. Seiberling and his family. Seiberling co-founded The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The estate was constructed between 1912 and 1915, and the Seiberling family lived here until the 1950s. After that, the hall was donated to a non-profit organization so that future generations could enjoy the majesty of this expansive home and the well-maintained gardens that surround it. Stan Hywet is Akron’s first and largest National Historic Landmark and it's among the Top 10 largest historic homes in the nation open to the public. 

It's like Clue come to life. There's murder, mystery, and motives galore during Stan Hywet's Murder in the Mansion: Double Dose of Death. On Oct. 27 & 28 (and Nov. 3 & 4), you can work to uncover who the murderer is. New this year is an additional night of themed intrigue with Dinner + Murder in the Mansion on Oct. 20 & 21.  

Piatt Castles in West Liberty

Located in Logan County are two brilliant Gothic castles built in the 1860s and 1870s by the Piatt brothers, who lived in the area. The castles, named Mac-A-Cheek and Mac-O-Chee, are now a private museum open to the public. Each castle has three stories, towers, painted ceilings and intricate woodwork. 

This Fall, learn about the harvest while playing and making autumn games and toys. If you're looking more for things to do during the height of spooky season, check out The Family Haunt. This event features entertainment like haunting 19th century tales written by members of the Piatt family. 

Squires Castle in Willoughby Hills Ohio with fall leaves

Squire's Castle in Willoughby Hills

Located in Willoughby Hills near North Chagrin Reservation, this castle was completed by Feargus B. Squire, who worked for the Standard Oil Company, in the 1890s as the future gatekeeper's house. He was planning to build a large country estate on the land, but unfortunately never fulfilled his dream. Squire eventually sold the castle and the surrounding 525 acres to the Cleveland Metroparks in 1922. There's also legends that the ghost of Squire's wife still haunts the building. 

Even though rumors that Mrs. Squire haunts the castle abound, it's been debunked. So while there aren't any ghosts to encounter when you visit, you can take in the scenic sights at the Squire's Castle Trailhead. This trailhead is part of North Chagrin Reservation, and encompasses other sights like Buttermilk Falls and North Chagrin Nature Center.

GreatStone Castle Resorts in Sidney

Over 100 years old, this picturesque bed and breakfast is located steps from Sidney Courthouse and the Square Historic District. The castle boasts a large wrap-around porch and two acres of manicured lawns and gardens. This year, the 13th Annual Readers' Choice Award (from The Sidney Daily News) named GreatStone Castle the best bed & breakfast.

The Castle Inn in Circleville Ohio

The Castle Inn in Circleville

Built as a home in 1895, original owner Samuel Ruggles designed it after the many European castles he visited in his travels. Lovingly decorated with beautiful stained-glass windows, rose marble walls and intricate walnut furniture, The Castle now serves as a bed and breakfast.

During the last Friday of every month, guests can also join in on Murder Mysteries. You'll be attired in 1900s fashions and given character descriptions -- and the rest of what makes your character is up to you! The evening consists of a social hour, followed up dinner and a dessert buffet. 

Schwartz Castle in Columbus

Legend says that, driven mad by a broken heart, German Immigrant, William Schwartz built his castle with secret passageways and five stories of basement. Sight-seers also claim they can still see a ghost in the tall turret windows. It's now an apartment building and historical landmark – which you can see while driving around German Village.

If you're in the neighborhood on Oct. 15, check the Monster Bash. This event features costumes, seasonal treats at historic homes, and entertainment. 

Brumback Library Castle in Van Wert Ohio

Brumback Library Castle in Van Wert

Named after its founder, John Brumback built this castle-style library as an effort to assist 12 Van Wert women in establishing a library foundation for local residents. The 1,400-book library became a free city resource in 1896 after Brumback offered to finance it, believing everyone deserved free access to books. The castle is surrounded by public grounds and a park that serves as a vital part of the Van Wert social and cultural life.

For more things to do this #FallinOhio, check out #OhioFindItHere at Ohio.org.

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