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7 Best Places to Hammock in Ohio

7 Best Places to Hammock in Ohio

With so many scenic areas in Ohio, it's easy to find a spot to set up and relax. 

7 Best Places to Hammock in Ohio

By Meg Berno

Posted On: Aug 21, 2020

Rolling hills, picturesque lakes, soothing creeks, and forests filled with wildlife are just part of what the outdoors in Ohio has in store. There are some places, however, that are worth visiting for an even more memorable hammocking experience. Here are our top 7 favorite places to hang a hammock in Ohio.

NOTE: Please check directly with the areas before your visit to stay up to date on all safety precautions and guidelines surrounding COVID-19 and park regulations (like trash disposal).

Wayne National Forest in Nelsonville

The Wayne National Forest is our top pick for hammocking due to its combination of beautiful open land and lush forests. Wildflowers and wildlife cover this area as the Appalachian Mountains fill in the backdrop. The Wayne National Forest seems to have places for every preference of hammocking. Visitors can explore a multitude of trails, enjoy lakes and rivers, hunt during open seasons, and camp at the available campground. The forest stretches over huge amounts of land, leading to a boundless amount or outdoors to explore. One of the best parts of this national forest is the seasons. Each season brings another element of beauty to appreciate, just make sure you pack your hammock to really grasp the magnificence of the Wayne National Forest.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Akron and Cleveland 

Just outside of Cleveland, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a refuge to both the visitors and the wildlife in the area. The park protects native plants such as flora and fauna. Wildlife is also protective in this park, giving the visitors many opportunities to witness native animals in their habits. Being well preserved, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a tranquil location to set up a hammock. There are 33,000 acres of land to choose a perfect spot to relax. The park also houses many hiking trails, historic train rides, kayaking and the park is open in the winter for select winter sports.

Zaleski State Forest

As the second largest state forest in Ohio, it is no wonder why the Zaleski State Forest makes our list of top places to hang in a hammock. If you enjoy bringing your equines along for the day, the Zaleski National Forest is the perfect place for you. The forest maintains a horse camp and 31 miles of bridle trails. Hiking, horseback riding, hunting, camping and of course hammocking are all activities to enjoy at the Zaleski State Forest. A shooting range and historic tunnel are also available for those interested. For safety purposes, it's a good idea to wear a bright color when visiting during open seasons.

Mohican-Memorial State Forest in Perrysville 

Tucked between Columbus and Cleveland, the Mohican-Memorial State Forest is a perfect destination for backpackers, or day hikers wanting backcountry experience. The forest has many campsites available, and a plethora of trees to set up a hammock for the day. Mountain biking is also enjoyable at the Mohican-Memorial State Forest through the maintenance of numerous trails. The state forest’s name comes from The Memorial Forest Shrine, which is memorial dedicated to Ohio citizens who died while serving the country. The park is open all year round, welcoming visitors through every season.

Hocking Hills State Park in Logan 

Hocking Hills State Park is one of the most visited state parks in the country, and it is no surprise. The park is full of stunning views and breathtaking activities. Incredible rock formations run through the park, such as cliffs, waterfalls, caves, tunnels, gorges and more natural features. Don’t worry about finding a spot to set up your hammock. The park has several trails lined with towering trees to hang under. When you are not hammocking, check out one of the several other actives at the park such as ziplining, completing the rope course, canoeing, fishing, camping or taking one of the many tours such as a canopy or cave tour.

Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville 

Caesar Creek State Park covers more than 3,700 acres and is full of beautiful water sources, prairies, forests and cliffs. The highlight of this park is the 2,830-acre lake. Due to the lake, the park is a great location for water activities such as boating, swimming and fishing. Caesar Creek State Park is also a great spot to enjoy the terrain. Camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding and more are easily accessible at Caesar Creek State. Of course, with all there is to do here, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a hammock. Whether at a campsite, along the lake or just off the trail enjoying a good book.

Salt Fork State Park in Lore City 

Salt Fork State Park is an overwhelming 17,229-acre park full of recreational activities for every visitor. There are endless spots to explore as well as set up a hammock. You won't be able to see the whole Salt Fork State Park in one day, which is the beauty of this location. A map of the park will get you started on your ventures through the gorgeous area.

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*Article provided by Eric Breiner, founder of Peak Camping Hammock.

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