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Where To Go in Ohio Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars guide you to find your next Ohio adventure!

Hotel LeVeque in Columbus

Where To Go in Ohio Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Roxy Mazzarella-Reminick

Posted On: Mar 16, 2022

Do you need a getaway, but are undecided on where to go? Trying to decide between venturing to the outdoors or enjoying some R&R beneath the stars at LeVeque Hotel in Columbus? Then let the stars plan your next adventure. Figure out what your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiac signs are and use this guide to plan a trip!

Aquarius: Skydiving

An air sign that loves adventure. You don't like to stay in one place for too long. Why not take to the sky? Head to Skydive Greene County and jump into your next adventure with Ohio's oldest skydiving school

Pisces: Put-in-Bay 

A water sign with a need for escape. The perfect getaway for you is on an island. Take a trip to Put-in-Bay!

Aries: Jungle Jim's International Market  

Courageous and optimistic, Aries, you need to visit Jungle Jim's. Choose either the Fairfield or Cincinnati storefront and spend time walking through the many aisles with all the international foods you can imagine.

Taurus: Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 

Taurus, you have high expectations and indulge in life's abundance. No wonder you're drawn to pretty things and well-maintained foliage. A walk around Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus is right up your alley.

two young woman riding bikes across Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati Ohio

Gemini: Roebling Suspension Bridge 

Gemini, it's no secret you want to be in two places at once. Cross Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati a few times to fuel your twin flames. But remember to always come back to the Ohio side!

tow people biking along path at Edgewater Park and Beach in Cleveland Ohio

Cancer: Edgewater Park and Beach 

You desire to be stable and grounded and feel most at peace near a big body of water. No need to travel out of the city to find tranquility in the waves for a Cancer. A short visit to Edgewater Park in Cleveland will bring you serenity.

Leo: The Wilds 

Leo the Lion and King of the Jungle! Leos can get up close and personal with animal friends on a safari at The Wilds in Cumberland.

Virgo: Lakeside Chautauqua 

You can relax knowing you don't have to plan a thing when you visit Lakeside Chautauqua. Activities and food are part of the experience when you go - the perfect combo for any Virgo!

Libra: The Grand Resort 

Libra, you'll satisfy your exquisite taste with a trip to The Grand Resort in Warren. Swim in a roman bath and take a trip to the spa.

Scorpio: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 

A true music and pop culture lover, Scorpios always know what's cool. A visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is perfect for you.

Sagittarius: Cleveland Museum of Art 

Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac. Transport yourself through time and space as you walk through the many rooms of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

woman standing behind counter at north market in dublin ohio

Capricorn: North Market

The variety of high quality options and tactile experience of the North Market in Dublin and Downtown Columbus will be pleasing to your Cardinal quality. You have good self-awareness and control, Capricorn. You'll leave the North Market feeling full and with just enough goodies to make you happy.

What will your next Ohio adventure be? Has astrology guided you to find the perfect getaway? 

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