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bundle of lavender held in front of lavender field in ohio

Lavender Farms in Ohio

It's the perfect time to pick fresh lavender!

Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm in Morrow

Lavender Farms in Ohio

By Heather Rader

Posted On: Jul 22, 2021

Vibrant fields of lavender entice nature enthusiasts every summer to pause for a moment and enjoy the fragrant smells and beautiful shades of purple. While most associate sprawling lavender fields with Southern France, you don't have to travel to Europe to enjoy this lovely aromatic plant. Throughout the state, lavender farms welcome visitors to harvest their own bundles of lavender, to admire the varying shades of purple, inhale the soothing aroma and to learn the versatile uses for the summer plant.

Check out these lavender farms in Ohio. 

close up of lavender at a lavender field in ohio

Lavender Trails in Orrville 

Lavender lovers will find eight different species spanning over one mile of diamond shaped gardens at Lavender Trails. U-pick visitors can choose from several colorful varietals ranging from white, pink, and multiple shades of purple. The Lavender Trails Gift shop showcases unique gifts and bath products.

Luvin Lavender Farms LLC in Madison

Lavender Farms LLC is home to 6,000 lavender plants in twenty different varieties, including a few distinctive varietals not commonly grown in Northeast Ohio. With two acres of its 48 acres dedicated to lavender display gardens, visitors can see a wide range of lavender shades from white to dark purple. Along with enjoying the aroma of lavender, visitors can marvel at wildflowers, admire numerous pollinators, purchase fresh lavender bundles and lavender products made on-site.

Maize Valley in Hartville 

Take a peaceful stroll through Maize Valley's lavender fields. Visitors can cut bundles of lavender, then enjoy lunch or dinner at the on-site winery café.

Sunset Ridge Lavender Farm in Enon 

Sunset Ridge Lavender Farm has nearly 4,000 lavender plants in nine varieties growing on 33 acres. Offering u-pick lavender bundles, a shop with lavender products, and the cutest purple barn to enjoy a refreshing glass of lavender lemonade while admiring the view of lavender fields.

wicker picnic basket with bundles of lavender laying inside in front of field of lavender at Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm in Morrow Ohio

Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm in Morrow 

This family micro-farm welcomes visitors to pick lavender bundles during special lavender harvest events. While visiting Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm, stroll through the lavender field and pick the perfect bundle, admire the wildflower patch, purchase culinary and body lavender products and be sure to enjoy a glass of refreshing lavender lemonade.

Tips for visiting lavender farms in Ohio:

  • Depending on the lavender variety, the plant blooms mid-June through late August. Lavender growing season is dependent on the weather, so be sure to check with the farm for availability prior to visiting.
  • Lavender attracts bees, other pollinators, and insects, be prepared to share the fragrant fields with these little creatures.
  • Lavender fields can be uneven and muddy, wear proper shoes to explore the fields.
  • Bring your own scissors to cut the lavender stems and basket to collect the blooms.
  • Enjoy lavender as a fresh aromatic bouquet, hang lavender bundles upside down for a few weeks to dry and enjoy the scent of lavender for up to two years. There's plenty of ways to use fresh and dried lavender, from a house fragrance to culinary uses, aromatherapy, and an all-natural insect repellant.

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