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closeup of korean style corn dogs from Myungrang Hotdog in Columbus Ohio

Korean-Style Hot Dogs Have Arrived in Columbus

There's nothing corny about this eatery in Central Ohio.

Myungrang Hotdog in Columbus

Korean-Style Hot Dogs Have Arrived in Columbus

By Nick Dekker

Posted On: May 25, 2022

Who doesn't love a good hot dog? They’re one of my favorite tastes of summer, and in Columbus we just got a whole new way to enjoy them: Myungrang Hotdog!

Korean style corn dogs from Myungrang Hotdog in Columbus Ohio

Myungrang Hotdog has brought the craze of Korean hot dogs to Columbus. So what are they? If you've spent any time at the Ohio State Fair, or really, any fair in Ohio, you've probably tasted a corndog. These dogs take the same delicious delivery system: hot dogs on stick dipped in batter and fried crispy and golden brown. These dogs are often made with gooey mozzarella rolled in, then covered in fun toppings like diced potato, a mix of sauces, even a dusting of sugar.

inside Myungrang Hotdog in Columbus Ohio

Myungrang's new shop, which is actually their first in Ohio, sits in the heart of the Short North Arts District. The long, narrow space is meant more for carryout, although there are counters lining the walls. A giant electronic menu hangs on one wall, while a playlist straight out of TikTok's greatest hits fills the room. You simply order and pay at the counter, then wait until your number is called to grab your hotdogs.

The menu includes 12 items that range from combinations of hot dogs or sausage, mozzarella or cheddar, potato or sweet potato, even squid ink. They're giant, colorful, and oh so perfect for Instagram. And they’re filling – one was enough for me!

It's easy to love Myungrang – I mean, how do you argue with a big hot dog in a crispy batter? Or gooey and stringy mozzarella? Or the fun a hot dog covered with diced potatoes? I even loved the dusting of sugar to go with the savory flavors.

outside storefront of myungrang hotdogs in columbus ohio

I love a good hot dog, and Myungrang has given us a whole to way to enjoy them!

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