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beer from Twin Oast Brewing in Port Clinton in a glass outside

Visit these Farm Breweries in Ohio

Hop on over to these Ohio brew spots.

Twin Oast Brewing in Port Clinton

Visit these Farm Breweries in Ohio

By Nick Dekker

Posted On: Mar 25, 2022

Whether they're situated on working farms or former farmland, these breweries offer a chance to kick back with a beer in hand and appreciate the rolling beauty of rural Ohio.

exterior of Henmick Farm & Brewery in Delaware Ohio

Henmick Farm & Brewery in Delaware

Henmick opened in July of 2021 and became an instant hit. Owner Nick Sheets opened the brewery on eight acres of his family's century-old farm. They've leased out the land to other farmers for years, but he built out the brewery on a section once used as a horse farm.

The main taproom is fashioned out of a refurbished 1860s barn from Lancaster, with the rest of the building crafted using other barn materials. Head brewer Zack Cline tackles a wide variety of styles successfully, from crisp lagers to rich porters to grassy wheat beers. The brewery also serves cocktails crafted around local spirits, and food trucks park outside on weekends.

Best of all are the large outdoor spaces – grass and stone patios lined with picnic tables, firepits, areas to throw down a picnic blanket. You can take your beers and wander the area, taking in the grassy fields and farmland. 

red barn at Wooly Pig Farm Brewery in Fresno Ohio

Wooly Pig Farm Brewery in Fresno

Wooly Pig sits on a 90-acre farm that dates back to the 1800s, situated on the banks of the Tuscarawas River in Fresno. Owned by Kevin Ely and his wife Jael Malenke, as well as her brother and sister-in-law Aaron and Lauren Malenke, Wooly Pig now operates as a working farm and Bavarian-style brewery.

Several of the original slate-roofed structures, including barns and the farmhouse, still stand on the property; the brewery and taproom inhabits an old storage barn. Their tasting room marries modern and traditional elements, and is designed to bring the community together over a good beer.

They brew many different styles (using spring water from the farm!) but lean toward classic European offerings like pilsners, porters, Märzens, schwarzbiers, goses, and the like. While you sip a half-liter of a Wooly Pig brew, you might spot the hop bines, the shaggy Mangalista pigs (from whom the brewery gets its name!), sheep, or horses.

Rockmill Brewing in Lancaster Ohio

Rockmill Brewing in Lancaster

While Rockmill Brewing's Lancaster home is no longer a working farm, it makes wonderful use of the land formerly operated as a 19th-century horse farm. Rockmill specializes in Belgian-style brews, something they're able to achieve using the water drawn from natural springs on the farm. Owner Matthew Barbee found early on that the water on their premises matched the mineral content of Wallonia, Belgium, which made it ideal for Belgian brews.

The brewery's event space sits in the cozy renovated farmhouse at the top of the hill, complete with patios and firepits. They recently added a modern taproom that still captures the farmhouse aesthetic with a big stone fireplace, patios, and natural wood accents.

You can sip a ruby-colored Saison Noir, a rich Dubbel, or a smooth Witbier while you enjoy wood-fired pizzas. Better yet, take your beer and pizza, then stroll down the hill and picnic on the open fields around the pond.

Twin Oast Brewing in Port Clinton Ohio

Twin Oast Brewing in Port Clinton

Owners Quintin and Donna Smith bill Twin Oast Brewing as a "farm-to-fermenter" brewery. They built the brewery out on a 60-acre family farm on the Catawba Island peninsula in Port Clinton, lovingly restoring it to a destination with lush orchards, woods, and caves.

The brewery's iconic look comes from a pair of stone oasts, or kilns used for drying hops. When you visit, be sure to spend time wandering the terraced gardens, exploring the woods, and amongst the peaches, apricots, cherries, apriums, and pluots.

Twin Oast's beers marry German and American styles, from the easy-drinking Old Ohio blonde ale to the fruity hoppiness of the Legitimate Swells IPA, to the banana-and-clove aroma of the Oasteweizen. Pair them all with a pizza, fish and chips, burgers, or wings, and stick around for their weekly live music offerings.

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