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Get an Earful with these 7 Ohio Podcasts

Get an Earful with these 7 Ohio Podcasts

Queue up your Listen Now list and check out these Ohio podcasts.

Get an Earful with these 7 Ohio Podcasts

By Alyssa Adkins

Posted On: Sep 23, 2020

Ohio is home to many things, from mysteries and myths to (sports) legends. So take the time to learn — and listen — by checking out some Ohio podcasts.

We’ve put together a list of seven podcasts for you to listen to this season:

Ohio Folkore

In Ohio Folklore, Melissa Davies takes you through the history of Ohio’s folk legends. Each episode is 30 minutes and available on all podcast platforms (ex. iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify).

The OHIO Podcast

Eric Boggs, Aaron Brown, Korey Johnson, Nick Delianides and Riley Leathers talk all about The Ohio State University sports. Each episode is about 1-1 ½ hour long, so you’re sure get your sports talk in!

Ohio Mysteries

Steve Yoder and Paula Schleis take you on 10-30 minute looks into Ohio’s mysteries. From true crime to cryptids and even UFO encounters.

The Screamcast Podcast

Sean Duregger, Brad Henderson and BJ Colangelo are here for all you horror movie watchers. The trio chats about retro, cult and fringe horror movies.

The One You Feed

Eric Zimmer takes the parable of two wolves battling within us to start a conversation about living skillfully while dealing with life’s challenges. Each week, he talks with different experts, like scientists, authors, researchers and public figures on how listeners can live more fulfilling lives.

The Wrong Side of the Pond

DJ Switzer & Jeremy Lance host a weekly podcast where they talk soccer.

The BPL Podcast

The Bexley Public Library launched a podcast that discusses a range of topics featuring expert guests. They talk everything from horror movies to constitutional law. You can listen on here.

More podcasts to stream: 

For more auditory fun and ways to #SupportLocalOhio, check out #OhioFindItHere at Ohio.org.

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