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overhead shot of bowls of cereal at Day and Night Cereal Bar in Cleveland Ohio

Relive Your Childhood at These Cereal Bars

You'll cereal-ously have a good time when you check out these Ohio spots!

Day & Night Cereal Bar in Cleveland

Relive Your Childhood at These Cereal Bars

By Nick Dekker

Posted On: Sep 26, 2022

We never outgrow the appeal of a good bowl of cereal, right? Whether you're starting your day or pouring a late night snack, cereal holds a special place many people's childhood memories. I think back to Saturday mornings feasting on a bowl of Cheerios or Life. Or if my parents were being generous, Fruity Pebbles or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Fortunately, you can still experience the joy of a great bowl of cereal at these fun, modern day cereal bars! Get a look at a few of the places around Ohio.

row of cereal boxes at one bowl the cereal bar restaurant in fostoria ohio

One Bowl – The Cereal Bar in Fostoria

This downtown Fostoria shop offers a constantly rotating selection of fun cereals, including a lot of specials and one-offs that are harder to find. You can order cereal by the bowl in kids, regular, and "hungry" sizes. You can also get cereal milkshakes and cereal flurries. They also offer the "One Bowl" challenge - where you order a giant bowl that's the equivalent of 20 cups of cereal. And if you finish, you'll win a prize, a T-shirt, and your photo on the wall!

bowls of cereal at Day and Night Cereal Bar in Cleveland Ohio

Day & Night Cereal Bar in Cleveland

Located just minutes away from Cleveland's West Side Market, Day & Night Cereal Bar lets you customize your own bowls of cereal or order one of their originals. The Mucha Lucha, for instance, combines Cinnamon Toast Crunch with whipped cream, churro cereal, and a cinnamon roll sprinkle.

cereal milkshake from 222 cold brew cereal bar in euclid ohio
185th Signatuer Cereal Shake

222 Cold Brew Specialty Drinks and Cereal Bar in Euclid

True to its name, 222 Cold Brew features a huge menu of specialty coffee drinks, like loads of cold brew and frozen beverages. You can order cereal by the cup or their signature cereal shakes, named for streets around Euclid.

cereal sundae from Remixx Ice Cream and Cereal Bar in Cleveland Ohio

Remixx Ice Cream + Cereal Bar in Cleveland

Remixx lets you build your own ice cream sundaes topped with cereal! Choose a cup, shake, or cone, then top it with treats (aka cereals), drizzles, and mix-ins. You can tinker with everything from Apple Jacks to Cocoa Krispies to Honey Nut Cheerios to Trix. Can't decide? Check out their Top 10 playlist with combinations like the Dough Shorty It's Yo Birthday: Cookie Crisp, cookie dough, whipped cream, sprinkles.

If you're still craving creative cereal treats, stop by Dough Mama in Columbus for their Cereal Milk Cold Brew Latte. And keep an eye out for Outta The Box in Columbus and Saturday Morning Vibes in Cincinnati (both opening later in 2022). 

For more foodie fun, check out #OhioFindItHere at Ohio.org.

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