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two horses pulling a cart with people in the fall in front of the Benetka Road Covered Bridge in Ashtabula Ohio

The Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Trail

Explore all 19 bridges on Ashtabula County's Covered Bridge Trail!

Benetka Road Covered Bridge in Ashtabula

The Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Trail

By Nick Dekker

Posted On: Aug 11, 2022

All across Ohio you'll find historic covered bridges still in existence. Some are drive-able, some are only walkable. But in Ashtabula County you'll find an unusually high number concentrated in one area – 19 of them, to be exact!

side view of Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge in Ashtabula Ohio
Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge

The bridges are interesting as architectural feats, but also for their historic purposes and placement amongst beautiful scenery. Many of these bridges are over a century old and have played an important part in transportation and community pride throughout history. The bridges of Ashtabula County vary in construction, too, from Pratt truss designs to Neo-Victorian to lattice.

car on the road in front of West Liberty Street Covered Bridge in Ashtabula Ohio
West Liberty Street Covered Bridge

Each bridge is unique, but there are some special stops that usually drawn visitors’ attention:

  • Of the 19 bridges on the Ashtabula County Trail, 17 are open to traffic
  • The oldest bridges, Mechanicsville and Windsor Mills, date back to 1867!
  • The newest is Riverview, a pedestrian bridge built in 2016
  • The Smolen-Gulf Bridge is the longest covered bridge in the country, measuring 613 feet long
  • The shortest is West Liberty, measuring only 18 feet!
  • The Harpersfield Bridge is the second longest in Ohio, measuring 228 feet. Built in 1868 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the bridge was augmented with a steel span when floodwaters widened the Grand River in 1913.
  • Graham Road Bridge sits in a park next to the road. It was rebuilt from existing timbers after the original bridge washed out in the floods of 1913.

aerial view of Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge during the fall in Ashtabula Ohio
Smolen-Gulf  Covered Bridge, photo credit: Chris Cannon

Want to plan your own tour of Ashtabula's covered bridges? View the stops on a Google map or download the map as a PDF! It's easy to build an itinerary around Ashtabula County that includes bridge-spotting as well as visits to local vineyards, restaurants, markets, museums, and more! 

State Road Covered Bridge in Ashtabula Ohio
State Road Covered Bridge

If you want someone else to do most of the driving, you can sign up for a covered bridge tour through The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake. The tours are $50 per person and run Sunday-Wednesday from late September through November. You'll see up 13 of the bridges over the four-hour tour (the exact number varies depending on how long you stay at each bridge), and along the way you'll get to enjoy the rolling beauty of Ashtabula County.

two horses pulling a cart of people in front of Benetka Road Covered Bridge in Ashtabula Ohio for the Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival in the fall
Benetka Road Covered Bridge

You can experience many of them during the Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival. Held the second weekend of October every year, the 2022 edition falls on October 8-9!

For more historic attractions, check out #OhioFindItHere at Ohio.org


*Photos courtesy of Visit Ashtabula County

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