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Top Ohio Food Trucks & Where to Find Them

Top Ohio Food Trucks & Where to Find Them

Top Ohio Food Trucks & Where to Find Them

By Kristen Gough

Posted On: Apr 16, 2018

Crisscrossing the state, Ohio’s food truck scene has created a patchwork of eclectic culinary finds you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re craving a just-warmed corn tortilla finished off with guajillo chile-soaked, sautéed chicken served with homemade salsa verde from a taco truck. Or you’re hankering for barbecue slathered with so much sauce it drips down your hands as you take each bite. No matter what kind of food you’re looking for – or you just want to discover something new (Prague pierogis, anyone?) -- Ohio has a food truck for you. Here’s where you can find some of the best the state has to offer, along with the most popular dishes you really should be ordering. Now, who’s hungry?

Food Trucks in Cleveland

While you’re likely to find a gathering of food trucks at area events downtown, you’re guaranteed a selection of some of the best foodie finds midweek at Walnut Wednesdays at Perk Park, with plenty of parking for food trucks and green space for you to sit and eat. Wok & Roll With a funky Asian-fusion vibe and the menu to match, Wok & Roll has become a fast favorite among Clevelanders since it began in 2014. Their top-selling item? The Korean Poutine – a funky reimagining of the Canadian dish with tater tots as the base, topped with your choice of protein (I’d highly recommend the caramelized pork), authentic Korean sauces, a kimchi-infused coleslaw and a peppering of black sesame seeds. Betty’s Bomb Ass Burgers Mouth watering for a burger unlike any other? Betty’s is the place. One of their most popular picks is the aptly named Boeing Fortress a towering burger with layers of chunky peanut butter, spiced berry preserves, bacon jam and cheddar cheese. Other burgers you might want to try? The Barracuda with cornmeal crusted oysters and a spicy mayo. Nix the fries to the side and go for Betty’s homemade Cheezy Tots.     Kräv The runaway favorite at the Kräv Food Truck is the Cleveland Cheesesteak. Known to park near City Hall on Fridays, you’ll want plenty of napkins on hand when you bite into the hoagie that’s packed with sautéed ribeye, mushrooms, onions and just-melted provolone cheese. The cool mix of Mediterranean dishes with Latin and Korean embellishments has other unique tastes like the Korean Polish Boy – a Polish sausage dog hugged in a hoagie with pulled pork, Korean BBQ sauce, coleslaw, fries and a drizzling of chipotle mayo.

Food Trucks in Akron/Canton

Head to LeBron James’ hometown to enjoy a blossoming food truck scene that now includes a weekly gathering at Food Truck Wednesday’s Cascade Cucina in downtown Akron. Swensons Dating back to 1934, Swensons is the kind of old-school burger and shake place that hearkens back to another era. The original Swensons Drive In became so popular they added plenty of other area locations over the years – and a food truck. The Galley Boy remains one of their signature top sellers with a double cheeseburger (cheeseburg’s in Swensons’ speak) and a couple special sauces to bind the burgers together. The Square Scullery Fine dining comes on four wheels with The Square Scullery, which began back in 2015 when Chef Matt Ulichney decided to put everything he had into a food truck, giving him a chance to explore his culinary creativity. Thanks to this leap of faith, you can now indulge in Pork Belly Mac ‘N Cheese, Honey Whole Wings and daily specials. And the most-requested item on the gourmet menu? “Surpringly enough, fried Brussels sprouts are our best selling menu item,” notes Chef Matt. “When we first got rolling they were put on our first menu as a trial basis to see how they would go over, and it turns out people just can’t get enough of them!” The Raging Avocado Former executive chef, Matt Fischer is the culinary master behind The Raging Avocado, who dreamed of having his own food truck and made it happen in 2016. Their signature dish is the Raging Avocado Taco – tucked inside a just-crisped wonton taco, slices of avocado are drizzled with an agave lime cilantro sauce. If you aren’t up for tacos, there are plenty of other choices like the raging nachos, pizza, wings and sides.

Food Trucks in Columbus

Food trucks abound in Columbus, which even has its own Street Food Finder app and the Annual Columbus Food Truck Festival in August, now in its 8th year. Here’s just a taste of many food trucks circling the capital. Los Guachos Every time I visit Los Guachos, I order the gringas – grilled flour tortillas stuffed with a marinated pork that’s prepared on a rotating spit that’s topped with a pineapple so the juices can seep into the meat as it cooks. Little pieces are chiseled off to order, along with a sliver of pineapple. I’d highly recommend getting an horchata, a traditional Mexican rice drink, to go along with your meal. Los Potosinos The grilled chicken at Los Potosinos has become the stuff of legend in Columbus. Tucked into everything from the tacos to the quesadillas, the tender, bold-flavored chicken, is also served as a meal with refried beans (as close to perfection as they come) and Mexican rice. My personal fav is the chorizo taco.

Food Trucks in Dayton

Let the food trucks from to you by visiting downtown Dayton’s 3rd Sundays at Front Street Outdoor Market, which includes plenty of food trucks during the seasonal celebration. McNasty’s Co-owner Kathy Bell labors over the 7-cheese manna known as mac ‘n cheese that ends up on the OMG Bacon Burger. The burger is topped with peppered bacon, cheese – and a heaping portion of Bell’s homemade mac ‘n cheese. Another crowd favorite? The Bacon Bacon Burger, which gets its double dose from strips of bacon and from-scratch bacon jam. Pa’s Pork What do you get when you combine Southern-style cooking with European recipes and add in a dash of barbecue? That would be Pa’s Pork, where you really should order with a group and share so you can sample a little bit of everything, like the PA’s Dippers – chunks of Schnitzel (breaded, fried pork) served with a dipping sauce, or Bohemian BBQ, which includes braised pork, with a berry-infused slaw all tucked within a toasted bun. Make sure to pick up a Prague Pierogi while you’re there – the palm-sized, flaky concoctions come stuffed with crimini mushrooms, shallots and other fixings. If you go: To make sure your food truck is out and about, check their website or Facebook page before you head out. For more food adventures, Find It Here at Ohio.org.

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