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Little girl ziplining through the tress at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Rockbridge Ohio

Trade Your Comfort Zone For The Zipline

Go for an exhilarating ride amidst the natural beauty of Southeast Ohio.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Rockbridge

Trade Your Comfort Zone For The Zipline

By TourismOhio

Posted On: Mar 4, 2022

Up the hill and around the bend, your first look at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is just a small dose of the natural beauty waiting for you. Expansive grassy fields, rolling hills and towering pines surround the welcome center and gear cabin, as well as a shaded picnic area perfect for lunch. If you're lucky, you may even see the resident cat, Caddie, wandering along the fence or laying in the flowerbed. And, up on a zipline, even more natural beauty is waiting to be discovered.

Adventurers of any comfort level can enjoy some of the very best views Ohio has to offer at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, a nationally rated outdoor attraction recognized by Ohio Magazine, USA Today, Discovery.com, National Geographic, New York Times and more. Located in Rockbridge, Ohio, this destination is right by scenic Hocking Hills State Park in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Here, ziplines weave through dense forests, cross the Hocking River, land in a small cave and even soar over a hidden pond (with lounging wildlife, if you look hard enough). Other attractions will fully immerse you in nature at every turn, with guides pointing out unique features and fun facts throughout the experience.

Tours and adventures run from mid-March to November, meaning you can experience three different seasons in one of Ohio's most beloved outdoor locations. You'll see it all from an unbeatable vantage point … as soon as you get geared up.

Dragonfly zipline in hocking hills ohio
DragonFly Zipline

Gearing Up For Ground School

The journey out to Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is beautiful, but the best is yet to come once you're geared up and ready to go. Highly trained staff and guides will direct you every step of the way for all tours, but don’t forget to bring comfortable closed-toe shoes, leave loose clothing and dangling jewelry at home and keep long hair tied back.

Once you arrive and check in, your guides will help you put on and adjust helmets, harnesses and gloves. You'll then take a class at "ground school," where guides will teach you the basics on a small, extremely low stakes zipline. You'll practice hand position, braking and how to reel yourself in if you happen to brake too early out on a zipline.

Expect to hear lots of jokes and fun nature facts intertwined with professional guidance before and throughout your adventure. All guides at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours are rigorously trained and evaluated monthly, so their professional guidance can always give you peace of mind (and the occasional pun). After you've finished ground school, you're all set for your ziplining adventure.

"Now that I'm confident and comfortable, I don’t want it to end!"

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours has six outdoor adventures to choose from. At the heart of the company are the professionally guided zipline tours guaranteed to deliver an adrenaline rush.

The "Classic" Canopy Tour and the "X-tour" are 2 to 2.5 hours long and include 11 and 13 ziplines respectively. You'll be thrilled as you journey through nature at varying speeds, heights, distances and drops. Depending on which tour you choose, you can expect to zip over an ancient, recessed cave, along the scenic Hocking River or through the tree canopy. If you're still craving a rush after your tour, the SuperZip may hit the spot. You'll lie belly-down (Superman-style) in a special harness for this adventure, and then zip down the center of the Hocking River. Bring a friend to race against (but make sure they're brave).

Another special adventure is the Moonshine Night Tour experience, where you can zip through the forest under a full moon and enjoy some nighttime nature. For little ones, the DragonFly zipline is the perfect balance of thrill and fun. Kids can experience eight short ziplines that have them flying through the air just like adults, along with cool features like the sky tunnel and three bridges high in the air between the trees.

For adventurers who like to stay close to the ground, activities like the Off-Road Segway Tour (the coolest way to take a hike) and the Rockbridge Encounter (an expedition to a natural wonder) are perfect fits. See how glaciers carved out this unique feature and tune into the nature around you with knowledgeable guides.

Any type of adventurer can find a fitting experience here, but even the most hesitant zipliners return with bright smiles. Regardless of their nerves, many people note the emotional impact of completing a zipline. It defies human instinct to lift your feet and let yourself sail above ground. Taking a leap outside your comfort zone does more than deliver adrenaline — it delivers an unmatched sense of accomplishment and pride.

young woman on zipline over a river at Little girl ziplining through the tress at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Rockbridge Ohio

I Spy …

A turtle, resting on the bank of a hidden pond. A black cherry tree — one of the most sought-after trees out there. Sycamores by the river, and fragrant spice bushes along the path.

That's the true allure of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. Once you're out on the zipline and away from the cars and crowds, it's easy for nature to pull you in. Trees, plants, rock formations and animals all tell a story about the Hocking Hills region, enhancing its beauty and rich history. And when you're looking around from ten to a hundred feet up, the story comes together. Adventuring out in the Ohio wilderness is exhilarating — and absolutely unforgettable.

person zipling through wooded area at Little girl ziplining through the tress at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Rockbridge Ohio
Zipline Canopy Tour

Meet Nathan, A Zipline Guide

Nathan, one of Hocking Hill Canopy Tours expert guides, shares why he loves what he does.

What drew you to being a Canopy Tour Guide?

A combination of things compelled me to be a zipline guide; I love being outdoors and experiencing nature throughout the seasons. I love the sensation and perspective of flying high through the canopy. And I love meeting new people and sharing the experience with them.

Why do you love what you do?

This is the most unique job that I've ever had. My office is the outdoors, and I get to play in the trees all day with cool people. It's not always easy, but it's so satisfying.

What is your favorite course?

I don't really have a favorite. The zipline courses here are like delicious flavors of ice cream – one day you want fresh strawberry, another day you may crave pralines and cream. I recommend trying them all.

Do you have a favorite tour memory?

I've had so many great experiences. On one tour I had a middle-aged woman who came by herself. She was a little quiet at first, but as the tour went on, she opened up more and more. She told me that she had been terrified of heights all of her life, but she was tired of being afraid. When the tour finished, she was so proud of herself and filled with enthusiasm. On another tour I had a 96-year-old woman who was fearless. Imagine being 96 years old and still having the energy to try something new!

Nathan and the other guides play a key role in creating the spectacular experience of zipping at Hocking Hill Canopy Tours.

For more outdoor activities and ways to explore Hocking Hills, check out #OhioFindItHere at Ohio.org.

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