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set of four chairs in circle inside Tranquility Salt Cave in Columbus Ohio

Treat Yourself To Unique Ohio Spa Experiences

Enjoy some R&R at these Ohio spa spots.

Tranquility Salt Cave in Columbus

Treat Yourself To Unique Ohio Spa Experiences

By Michael Evans

Posted On: Dec 28, 2022

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes, even travel and leisure can become stressful. That's why it's so important to take time for rest and relaxation. While massage therapists and day spas can be around nearly every corner, there are also a number of unique spa experiences in Ohio that can be therapeutic and exciting. 

two women reclining in chairs with red light inside Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave in Logan Ohio
Hocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave in Logan 

Salt Caves 

Pink Himalyan salt lamps have grown in popularity and can be found in many homes. Lots of people enjoy these lamps for their calming effects, health benefits, or simply for their beautiful aesthetics  Whatever the reason, you can now take your love of these stunning objects to a whole new level at a salt cave - like at Tranquility Salt Cave in Worthington (just north of Columbus). 

The Tranquility Salt Cave uses what is known as "halotherapy" (salt therapy) to provide deep relaxation and therapeutic healing to all its customers. I was told that being in the salt cave can be so good for your health because the rock salt contains trace minerals which the body absorbs.

The pure salt that's found here is said to help folks who have breathing issues like allergies, asthma and congestion, and skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. You can also visit a salt cave just to unplug and de-stress, like I did. When I arrived at the Tranquility Salt Cave for my halotherapy session, I was greeted by friendly staff and asked to remove my shoes (but keep clean white socks on) before entering the "cave" for my 45-minute session.

The room was spectacular! There were rock salt boulders lining the walls and tons of granulated salt on the heated floors. Small openings in the ceiling would pump pure salt into the air, releasing negative ions and beginning the calming session. There was soothing music, relaxing chairs, and warm blankets to provide further comfort. The lights were dimmed, so all you could see were the ever-changing lights of the salt lamps situated around the room, and the hundreds of tiny lights on the ceiling that resembled the night sky.

I left my session in the Tranquility Salt Cave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! It's something you can do alone, or in groups, which I highly recommend.

Other Ohio locations for halotherapy include Serenity Salt Spa in Westerville, Centerville Salt Room, Mentor Salt CaveHocking Hills Serenity Salt Cave in Logan, and Van Wert Massotherapy and The Salt Cave on Central

Float Tank Sessions

Another way to get your salt fix is during a float tank session at places like Gravity Spa in Beavercreek, The Float Loft in West Chester, and ebb & float in Columbus. 

A float tank (also known as an isolation tank) is a rare experience that you just have to see to believe. It's a giant white pod filled with a high-density saltwater solution which is used to help ease the mind (from things like anxiety) and body (from things like muscle tension). The tank is a sound-proof and light-proof chamber that allows for ultimate solitude and relaxation.

I find the float tank to be a surreal sensation. You become completely suspended, with just your face peeking above the water as you lay on your back. When I tired it, it was a truly soothing one-hour session that I think everyone should try at least once!

woman laying on massage table while masseuse rubs mud wrap mixture on her back at Woodhouse Day Spa in Dayton Ohio
Woodhouse Day Spa in Dayton 

Body Wraps

One final spa treatment to highlight is a good old fashioned wrap - like a mud wrap. This body treatment is becoming a rather common way to help detox and exfoliate the body. And it's just as it sounds: a body wrap involves covering the body with mineral-rich mixture (like "mud") to help treat the skin.

Treat yourself to body wraps in Ohio like the sea mineral gel mask at Woodhouse Day Spa (with locations in Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Central Ohio), the Balneo Mud Body Wrap at the Spa at Glenmoor in Canton, the Montalcino Thermal Mud Wrap at The Spa at Yellow Creek in Akron, and the European Body Mud Masque Damiana Tea & Chamomile body wrap from Callatis Spa in Cuyahoga Falls (or the Chocolate Body Mask for something more in line with Valentine's Day). 

Vichy Showers

Another unique type of spa treatment thought to help improve circulation, relieve stress, and relax muscles is a Vichy shower. This unique treatment has you lie down on a table while a series of shower heads positioned above you spray water all across your body. 

The name comes from a town in Central France, but it's also rumored that Julius Caesar believed in the healing power of water when his horses quickly recovered after drinking from the waters around Vichy. 

You can try this one-of-a-kind treatment at places like Walden in Aurora, which features a Vichy scrub and body wrap treatment, Woodhouse Day Spa (with locations in Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Central Ohio) and its Holistic Body Detox and Black Sand Rejuvenation body treatments,  and Cincinnati's Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa with its three body treatments: Seventh Heaven Treatment and Vichy Shower, Seaweed Body Treatment and Vichy Shower, and Salt Glow Body Scrub and Vichy Shower. 

Couple's Suite spa room at Walden in Aurora Ohio
Couple's Suite at Walden in Aurora. Photo credit: Walden

Relaxing Getaways 

Throughout Ohio there are getaway destinations that offer an ideal place for both rest and relaxation. One of those spots like the 1900s Sebring Mansion. The 10,600-square-foot former home, built by Frank Sebring, now serves as the Sebring Mansion Inn & Spa.  

Other retreats perfect for some R&R include the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls in Logan, The Spa at The Lakehouse Inn in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Glenlaurel: A Scottish Inn & Cottages in Rockbridge, plus Mario's International Spa & Hotel and Walden in Aurora. You can even indulge with a spa package at family-friendly getaway spots like Spa Kalahari & Salon at Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky - which even features its own halotherapy (salt therapy) room. 

For more unique things to do, check out #OhioFindItHere at Ohio.org.

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