What’s Brewing in Columbus?
By Theresa Russell

What’s Brewing in Columbus?

It makes perfect sense that the best option for discovering the Brewery District in Columbus is by hoofing it. Concentrated in a half square mile just south of downtown, roughly southwest of Mound and High Streets, the district still bears street names that evoke the brewing industry. Hoster and Blenkner were brewers and Brewers St. needs no explanation. Several of the street names were changed due to the strong anti-German sentiment during WWI.

And these are just a few of the facts that I learned on my walking tour with Columbus Brew Adventures. Starting at the Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant, groups first learn a bit about the beer tasting process itself. Following the instructions of Jim, our guide, I gave my beer a swirl, held it up to the light and sniffed it before testing a sample. The pretzel sticks with beer cheese and mustard sauce perfectly accompanied the flight of beers for tasting. The stage was set for the tour and we set out on the streets.


Thanks to the commentary and description of what the brewery district was like in the past, it was a simple task to imagine that I was in the Brewery District in those bygone days. I could almost smell the hops and hear the clomping of the horse hooves on the brick streets as they emerged from the stables scattered throughout the bustling district.  The Worley Building currently houses Shadowbox Live®, but was the former Hoster Brewery, the 5th largest in the country at the time. Hoster Brewery stabled 125 work horses. Columbus claimed five breweries in German Village; the architecture itself is quite notable.

Several stops are made along the way for tastings and/or snacks. At every corner, Jim told a story about Columbus, the breweries or pointed out landmarks. On one of the side streets, the biggest surprise for me was the large statue of King Gambrinas, the patron saint of brewers. The tour is paced so as not to overwhelm with food or beverage, and the commentary is interspersed in delightful doses.


Head down to the Brewery District and explore the fascinating history of brewing in Columbus with a the Brewery District Walking Tour. There is so much more that I learned on my tour, but I don’t want to spoil your experience. Getting there is convenient with the new Cbus Downtown Circulator free shuttle that runs between the Brewery District and the Short North.



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