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Snow biking in Ohio

7 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Winter

Stay active this winter with these seven unique and fun seasonally inspired activities.

Snow biking in Ohio

7 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Winter

By Ohio.org Staff

Posted On: Dec 19, 2019

It is easy to get stuck in an everyday, banal rut during the winter season. Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor and unique adventures offered around the state of Ohio that can help you break your routine. Try out these wacky winter sports to keep your body warm and get your blood pumping.

Fat Biking

Who said biking was only a warm weather activity? Fat bikes were first invented out of necessity as a way for Alaskans to get to work by bike, but they are now considered a recreational exercise, especially in the Midwest. Fat bikes, also called snow bikes, are the monster trucks of the bicycle world. They're just like regular bikes, but with huge tires that provide traction and float over deep powder. Rent your own fat bike and ride down the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Cleveland.

Ice Boating

You might have to do a double take when you gaze at Lake Erie and see boats gliding over the frozen waters. Yes, there are in fact people who partake in ice yachting, a boat that is similar in design to a sailboat but fitted with skis or runners and designed to run over ice instead of water. If you’re interested in setting sail this winter, check out the Toledo Ice Yacht Club.


For those who can’t get enough of kiteboarding in the summer, try snowkiting this winter! Snowkiting allows you to glide over snow and ice using a kit and wind power. You can find snowkiters all around the state of Ohio, especially at Buckeye Lake.


Feel bad leaving your dog at home while you’re out exercising this winter? There’s no need with skijoring, an activity that involves skiing while your dog is out in front pulling. If you are interested in this unique sport, consider joining the Midwest Skijorers Club!


Is it hockey? Is it lacrosse? No, it’s broomball! This recreational sport that is played with rubbed soled shoes and uses a stick called a broom with a triangular head to a hit a small ball on the ice is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. If this is your first-time playing broomball, head to Bowling Green State University’s Slater Family Ice Arena for a quick and casual game. Or, if you are looking for something more serious, consider joining one of BGSU’s adult broomball leagues or the Dayton Broomball Association.


You’ve seen curling while watching the winter Olympics, but now you can see it in person and play it yourself! Divide into two teams and take turns sliding heavy stones down the ice and sweeping the sheet with brooms.

Ice Fishing

Bundle up and head to one of the various lakes around Ohio for a day of ice fishing. When the conditions are safe, venture out onto frozen bodies of water and drop your line into a hole in the ice with the hopes of catching a walleye or bluegill. Check out this list for the best Ohio lakes to ice fish in this winter, and stay updated with the Ohio Department of Natural Resource’s fishing forecasts and general information on ice fishing. Find winter activities and safety tips at Ohiodnr.gov/winter. And for even more #WinterInOhio fun, check out #OhioFindItHere at Ohio.org.

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