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Cedar Point Rolls Out the World’s First Hyper-Hybrid Roller Coaster

Cedar Point Rolls Out the World’s First Hyper-Hybrid Roller Coaster

Cedar Point Rolls Out the World’s First Hyper-Hybrid Roller Coaster

By Damaine Vonada

Posted On: May 3, 2018

There’s no surer sign that summer fun is underway on Lake Erie than the shrieks, screeches, and screams of people riding Cedar Point’s roller coasters.  As home to 18 of the most extraordinary scream machines anywhere, Cedar Point absolutely owns its “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” reputation, and when the amusement park opens for the 2018 season on Saturday, May 5, the public will get to ride its newest coaster – the Steel Vengeance™ – for the first time. 















After previewing it at a recent media event, I totally understand why coaster lovers have been eagerly anticipating Steel Vengeance. Everyone who rode it agreed that Steel Vengeance delivers a complete package of roller coaster experiences in one awesome ride.  

It has a big fast hill at the beginning; places you’re soaring upside down; low track where riders bounce along above ground; and a wild turn that tilts you right then abruptly twists left. 

Cedar Point has a long track record of introducing earth-shattering coasters, and Steel Vengeance is the first hyper-hybrid in the world. What makes it a hybrid? A smooth steel running track on a huge wooden framework. Why is it hyper? Steel Vengeance is more than 200 feet high. At 205 feet, it’s not only is the world’s tallest hybrid coaster but also the fastest (74 mph) and the longest (5740 feet). 

Steel Vengeance also gives Cedar Point bragging rights to having more roller coast tracks – covering a whopping 11.4 miles! – than  any other single amusement park.   

Steel Vengeance is only the latest of Cedar Point’s many unique attractions, starting with its location on a narrow peninsula at the entrance of Sandusky Bay. It’s an incredibly picture-perfect spot for an amusement park and the reason that Cedar Point was started as a public bathing beach in 1870.  Cedar Point’s splendid mile-long sand beach is still a favorite with guests who love to relax and play beside the lakeshore.  

Although it’s now a multi-faceted, thoroughly modern resort that boasts hotels, marinas, and a waterpark, Cedar Point still retains a remarkable sense of its heritage and importance as a beloved Lake Erie playground for generations of families.















Sure thrill-seekers love the Valran and its ski-high inversions, but the fact that Cedar Point’s 71 different rides include plenty of no-adrenalin-rush options that kids and grown-ups can enjoy together.  

In fact, after you’ve tested your nerve on Steel Vengeance, a perfect place to wind down is the Midway Carousel, which dates to 1912 and is the park’s oldest operating ride. Just hop on one of its fanciful horses, listen to the old-time band organ, and watch the wonderful world of Cedar Point – including some nearby coasters – go by.    

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