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Top 5 Ohio Graveyards

Top 5 Ohio Graveyards

Top 5 Ohio Graveyards

By Anietra Hamper

Posted On: Oct 26, 2012

Cemeteries have fueled people’s fascination with the dead for centuries. Ohio’s famous burial grounds and haunted folklore are sure to satisfy those who want to seek some haunted adventure this Halloween.

1. Green Lawn Cemetery

Located in south Columbus, Green Lawn Cemetery is one of the largest in Ohio. Burials here include five former Ohio governors, James Thurber, Eddie Rickenbacker and Otis Harlan who was the voice of Happy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The cemetery is a popular spot for photographers and people who enjoy grave stone etchings. Be warned if you visit, as the gravel roads split multiple times throughout hundreds of acres making it easy to get lost among the 150,000 headstones.

2. Lake View Cemetery

Located near Cleveland, Lake View Cemetery is hailed as the largest and one of the most significant graveyards in Ohio. Lake View is an arboretum and wildlife refuge with hills and ponds that provide a tranquil landscape. Founded 1869, it covers almost 300 acres with 700 new burials each year. Notable names buried here: President James Garfield, John D. Rockefeller and Raymond Johnson Chapman, a Cleveland Indians shortstop who is the only known ball player to die from being hit by a pitch.

3. Stonewall Cemetery

This small cemetery located in Lancaster is one of the most unusual—not for who is buried there—but for the legend it holds. A large stone enclosure with a gated entrance surrounds the family plot of early Ohio settlers. Haunted folklore says if you climb to the top of the wall at night and walk around it 13 times, the dead will pull you inside. The family patriarch willed the cemetery to President James Monroe in 1817 and all future presidents. So, President Barack Obama is now the legal owner of the plot of land which is operated by the Fairfield County Historical Parks

4. Peoli Cemetery

Located in eastern Ohio in Tuscarawas County, Peoli Cemetery is the final resting place of MLB baseball pitcher Cy Young who died in 1911. One of the unique attractions of this cemetery is Cy’s grave site which portrays a famous winged baseball carving. 

5. Brock Cemetery

Brock Cemetery, near Greenville in Darke county, is still an active cemetery. It is best known for the famous burial of sharpshooter Annie Oakley who died in 1926. The cemetery is also famous for the controversy surrounding her burial. Some speculate that Oakley was cremated and buried in her husband’s grave which is next to hers after he died several weeks later.


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